Day: September 17, 2020

Builders eye new home community on old Richardson farm site

Builders hope to turn an historic North Texas farm property into a new residential community.


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The almost 27 acres at the northeast corner of Plano and Lookout roads is what’s left of the old Owens Spring Creek Farm in Richardson.

Builders David Weekley and Beazer Homes want to build almost 200 cottages, villas and townhomes on the property, which is owned by Addison-based Standridge Cos.

The homes would be a minimum of 1,400 square feet.

A small commercial building site is also set for the corner.

Dallas-based Arcadia Realty would develop the property.

“I believe we have a neighborhood here that on its own merits would be welcomed anywhere,” Arcadia Realty’s William Gietema told Richardson planning commissioners at a meeting on August 18. “What’s really amazing about this location and what attracts Arcadia Realty and our builders is the amazing wealth of amenities.”

Gietema said the property is

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Scorched earth investing, a new ocean fund, and the $1.75 million elephant

By David Callaway, Callaway Climate Insights

. . . . A smoky, orange haze kicks off the beginning of autumn this morning in the Bay Area as red flag fire and evacuation warnings, forced power outages, earthquakes and high winds cast an end-of-times pall over much of California. More than two million acres have burned already this season and we haven’t even hit the October peak yet.

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You can’t blame it all on air conditioners, but the surge in energy usage as the recent heat wave (116°F. in Napa County) hit is certainly one of the reasons for the blackouts, and one of the most interesting investing opportunities for those looking on how to play the climate emergency.


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This fascinating piece in the MIT Technology Review cites a prediction by the International Energy Agency that AC units worldwide will triple to more

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It is important to note where to buy electronics safely to avoid unnecessary heartbreak. Just because a retailer has a friendly website, that does not mean the retailer keeps digital criminals away from your financial information. In reality, they may even be fraudulent!

Setting up a good website nowadays is incredibly simple. Increasing freelancing sites also means that anyone can easily hire a worker to create an attractive looking page, even if it does not actually have any of the proper security features to support online shopping.

6 Signs of a Trustworthy Retailer

1.   A stable website

Unfortunately, several fake retailers are just waiting for you to visit their website so they can infect your computer with malware or steal your data. Do not use merely etailer because they have the lowest price! Find the right phishing filter for your preferred browser, and stop shopping at any sites that cause … Read More

Slow internet plagues regional artists, as art world moves online during COVID-19 lockdown

When COVID-19 altered the known landscape, regional artists found themselves in uncharted territory that required some seriously creative navigating.

Suddenly, every gallery, music venue and dance studio was closed, and every writers’ festival was cancelled or postponed.

Artists of all ilks were unable to collaborate with their peers, network professionally, and — worst of all — reach their audiences.

Like many authors and book illustrators, Victoria-based Shelley Knoll-Miller did most of her professional networking at writers’ festivals and literary conferences.

“When the first lockdown occurred, I had several conferences lined up and book visits lined up as well, and then suddenly, that was just kiboshed,” Ms Knoll-Miller said.

Over the past five months, artists around Australia have partially solved these problems by harnessing the connective powers of the internet, and developing creative ways of making and sharing art.

But many of Victoria’s regional artists — including Ms Knoll-Miller who lives

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Which Of Cisco’s Gadgets Come From The Comics (& Which Were Created For TV)

Cisco Ramon is one of the most popular characters in TV’s The Flash series, providing comic relief, pathos, and also some of the coolest gadgets in the Arrowverse. Fans were relieved to hear about Cisco’s continued importance in the series after all the major changes instigated by the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” storyline.

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As a mechanical engineering genius with S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco has provided Barry and several other characters in the series with crucial tech that has allowed them to defeat their enemies, travel between dimensions, and much more.  But, knowing that much of TV’s The Flash deviates from the comics, how many of these gadgets were taken from the four-color pages? Conversely, which were invented for TV? In some cases, the answer is both.

10 Comics: Cisco Had Nothing To Do With

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