Day: October 2, 2020

Eugene Teo Shares His Top 2 Exercises to Build Big Back Muscles

Australian trainer Eugene Teo wants to help you to grow big muscles. He’s shared his two favorite moves that have helped him build size and strength in his quads, along with his top exercises that have taken his biceps growth to the next level. Now, he’s sharing his two go-to exercises to get serious back gains.

In case you’re wondering no: neither of these exercises are a pullup.

Exercise 1: Lat Pulldown

Teo loves a lat pulldown, but has a different technique to his than what you may do traditionally. And that’s because he takes major issue with the traditional lat pulldown for two reason.

Reason 1: The setup doesn’t provide much stability.
“The only thing holding you in position in a typical lat pulldown is your legs being anchored into position,” says Teo. “It’s sufficient, but with your torso being suspended in mid-air like this, you have to expend

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Whether oil rig leaks or champagne bubbles: Ocean Sonics finds work everywhere | Local-Business | Business


The business of Nova Scotia-based Ocean Sonics Ltd. can be boiled down to that one simple word.

In the world of ocean research, listening has become a crucial, and in-demand service, and this relatively-new Atlantic Canadian company, just nine years old, appears to be doing quite well.

Since the creation of the icListen Smart Hydrophone in 2011, the company has been growing its base of clients in the oil and gas and fishing sectors, as well as in academia.


It’s already providing products and services to companies around the world, and now Ocean Sonics is hanging out a shingle on the west coast of Canada, establishing a presence on Vancouver Island to serve the marine industry on that coast.

Ken Brough will lead the BC office in North Vancouver as Ocean Sonics’ Pacific Product Specialist.

In a news release Sept. 8, Ocean Sonics said Brough has years of

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GM Leads In Shipping Jobs To Mexico; Company Shifting Focus To China

General Motors
is still shipping jobs overseas, President Trump’s Make America Great Again wishes be damned. The automaker was the number one company to ask for retraining assistance from the government due to jobs lost to offshoring, or imports, in 2019.

“What stands out to me from a study of the 2019 Trade Adjustment Assistance data is that a very large number of companies are offshoring production and jobs to other countries, even as their businesses were doing well,” says Jeff Ferry, chief economist for the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA), a DC think tank and

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Gigi Jordan retrial: Millionaire mom killed autistic son, 8, whom she ‘loved more than anything in this world’

A Manhattan federal judge found on Friday, September 25, that former Manhattan pharmaceutical exec Gigi Jordan’s Sixth Amendment right to a public trial was violated. In 2014, the Manhattan Supreme Court judge who presided at her nine-week trial conducted a hearing outside public view about a post Jordan wrote about her case on the internet. According to a Manhattan federal magistrate, this action has voided the wealthy New York socialite’s 2014 manslaughter trial after which she was sentenced to 18 years for giving a fatal dose of prescription pills to her eight-year-old son Jude Mirra, who suffered from autism.

During Jordan’s trial on October 1, 2014, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon cleared the courtroom to hear arguments from prosecutors and defense lawyers about supposedly dubious information Jordan had put on the internet. The closed hearing was sought by Matthew Bogdanos, an assistant Manhattan DA who was the lead prosecutor

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New wireless charging tech lets you drop up to three gadgets anywhere on this pad to charge them at the same time

If you’ve ever used a wireless charger, you know there’s exactly one place you can put your phone on it to work. Now, a new type of wireless charging technology is hitting the market and it’s more effortless than ever.

“People have generally not had a great experience with wireless charging,” explained Noah Dentzel, CEO and co-founder of Nomad. The company is known for its high-quality mobile accessories.

Recently, I visited Nomad’s headquarters in Santa Barbara to check out a new device called Base Station Pro.

Noah Dentzel, CEO and Co-founder of Nomad

“As you’d imagine, you just drop your phone down, and then it starts charging,” says Dentzel. The entire surface is a charge. Not only can you lay your phone anywhere, but it can charge up to three devices at once.

“What this is all about is assurance and reliability. Put it on there, you’re going to wake

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