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Arnold Spielberg, Father of Steven Spielberg, Dies at 103

Arnold Spielberg — the computer designer and father of director Steven Spielberg — died on Tuesday at the age of 103. Spielberg’s family announced his death, saying it was of natural causes. Arnold designed the GE-225 mainframe computer. That was the computer that Dartmouth College researchers used to develop the BASIC tool for coding, enabling the creation of the personal computer. He also helped Steven, his only son, in the creation of the movie Firelight in 1964. Steven directed, wrote, and edited the 135-minute film. It played at one theater in Phoenix in 1964. It was the first step in Steven Spielberg’s storied cinematic career.

Arnold was born on February 6, 1917, to Ukrainian immigrants in Cincinnati. He took an early interest in science and sci-fi. Arnold enlisted in the Army shortly before the attack on Pearl Harbor, serving with the 490th Bomb Squadron as a communications chief. He earned

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In January 1960, two fearless oceanographers eased themselves into a small steel sphere attached beneath a 50-foot submersible vessel and began an untethered descent to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Almost five hours later, six-and-a-half miles down, under crushing pressure and surrounded by a pitch-black void, explorer Jacques Piccard and then U.S. Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh became the first people to reach the lowest known place on Earth, the Challenger Deep. For twenty minutes, the lights of their small craft, the Trieste, illuminated for humankind a place on our planet that had been dark for 150 million years.

Today, sixty years later, the United States is poised to lead a second era of bold innovation that will similarly reshape and expand human knowledge of the ocean, a priority for President Trump and

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