5 Ways To Reduce Server Response Time

Jasmin Edlin

5 Ways To Reduce Server Response Time

When it comes to delivering an excellent and seamless user experience—a server response time is a major factor that helps you achieve it.

Cloud Hosting is one web hosting service that ensures maximum uptime and data redundancy—making your website load faster.

In this highly impatient and digitalised world, where everything is available at the tip of their fingers—users expect websites that load faster. According to Google’s research, if your website takes more than three, specifically five seconds, to load, the chances of bounce rates increase by 90%, and 32% if it takes precisely three seconds to load.

So, to ensure you don’t lose your valuable customers and miss out on business opportunities—your website should take at least three seconds to load and deliver the requested page/content to the users.

And to make this attainable, you need to reduce your server’s response time.

In this article, we’ll discuss five effective ways through which you can reduce server response time and get a blazing-fast website speed.

Ways to minimise server response time

Although services like Cloud Server Hosting offer faster page loading speed, you can yet improve your server response time for further boosted performance to cater to the demands of maximum website visitors.

Here are five efficient ways you can improve and reduce server response time.

1. Choose a reliable web hosting

To ensure you get consistent and fast server response time that does not fluctuate, make sure to choose a reliable and performance-driven website hosting service and company.

You’ll find many free web hosting plans; however, they come with minimal features and services that can affect your website’s performance once your business grows.

Therefore, do your research, check customer reviews, and invest in a suitable and the best Cloud Hosting or other web hosting service that ensures high reliability.

2. Optimise your database

Database optimisation plays a critical role in improving your server response time. Slow database queries can also affect the server response time. So, ensuring that the database retrieves data quickly and efficiently speeds up the page loading speed.

Here’re a few tips to help you with the same:

  • Rewriting queries for more efficiency
  • Changing your schema
  • Using indexes wherever appropriate

3. Use a CDN

Content Delivery Networks or CDNs are spread out geographically to deliver the content faster with no lags.

If your Hosting Server is located far away from the user’s location, it can take longer for the data to load on their browser. This is where CDNs play a vital role.

CDNs, often used with Cloud Hosting plans, minimise the distance between the users and Hosting Servers—thus improving latency issues and server response times.

4. Use caching

Caching ensures faster data delivery to website visitors. Without caching, the user browser requests for the data and assets from the server every time a page loads, taking longer to load.

With caching, the data is stored on a cache, so every time a user requests a page, the browser accesses them from an intermediary or local cache—speeding page loading time and response time.

5. Minify scripts

Minification is the process of reducing the code’s size. For example, CSS, JavaScript, and files make up a webpage and determine the page loading speed. Compressing and minifying these scripts allows you to have these elements on your website without compromising on performance.


Server response time plays a critical role in serving your customers and offering them the best user experience irrespective of their location.

While there are several other ways to reduce response time, these five strategies are proven ways that’ll boost your website speed and performance.

So, make sure to buy Cloud Hosting from the best and reliable hosting company and implement the ways mentioned above to improve response time significantly.


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