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The very rapid development of technology, of course, indirectly forces every company to improve the quality of each product or service they create. The public or consumers are getting smarter in deciding which product they will use and indirectly forcing companies to create a product that is able to meet all the needs needed by consumers, coupled with intense competition between each gadget or smartphone provider company.

One example is the Apple company. With its newest product
Buy iPhone 12 pro Apple strives to help or encourage the development of technology in the world through their innovation and development from the world of smartphones. So do not be surprised if every company is competing to provide innovations in order to retain consumers and to maintain the sustainability of the company. One that is developing rapidly is the advancement of technology in the field of communication. Now computers are also changing functions, which were previously only placed at home, now computers can be carried everywhere we go, for example notebooks, technology is increasingly developing nowadays, mobile appears whose use resembles a laptop, namely smartphones and tablets that are designed to be smaller. and all manufacturers are competing to make this technology. The existence of many competitors requires companies to pay attention to whether the price offered is in accordance with the quality of the product, not only with a known brand, and the design provided can attract the hearts of consumers and can maintain the loyalty of these consumers.

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