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© Ritu Singh

Technology isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially the older generation. We all have seen our parents struggle with gadgets and it’s almost universal that seniors do actually have difficulty mastering their devices. On top of that, the year 2020 further forced them to embrace technology in every aspect of their lives, especially teachers. Even with decades of experience in teaching, online classes turned out to be a whole new ball game. However, despite not being tech-savvy, the elderly teachers and college professors in the country rose up to the challenge and adapted themselves to new technology in order to teach students online amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Learning new tricks every day, these teachers have been putting significant efforts and time for online teaching to make sure the students are productive even at home. Not to forget, many of them have also gone a step ahead, while trying their hands on new innovation and jugaad, so that students don’t suffer. Well, it hasn’t been easy for most of them. In fact, instead of helping them out, many students, unfortunately, have been using this moment of weakness as an opportunity and have been bullying, trolling and ridiculing them. From switching off their videos to making strange sounds, students have been playing all sorts of pranks with the teachers during the online classes to disturb them. But still, they try their best to get past the hurdles, which often means just ignoring disrespectful and rowdy behaviour. So, this Teachers’ Day, spare a moment to think about them and understand how unlike you, it takes a lot of time and patience to overcome this digital dive. Your teachers are the ones who silently bring in the change in society and it’s time to recognise their efforts and salute them. Happy Teachers’ Day to all the wonderful teachers out there!