What Are The Benefits Of Using an SSL Certificate For Your Website?

Jasmin Edlin

What Are The Benefits Of Using an SSL Certificate For Your Website?

In recent years, SSL certificates have become quite popular and a must for all websites. Ever since Google announced that sites without an installed SSL certificate might lose SEO points and that its Chrome browser will start displaying a Not Secure message for every site that does not have an SSL certificate, an increasing number of websites are getting it installed. Companies or providers offering hosting plans in India usually offer SSL certificates too. There are many certificates available in the market. Of these, most site owners buy Comodo SSL Certificate. Today, we will discuss SSL certificates and their benefits.

A HyperText Transfer Protocol or HTTP establishes the flow of data across the internet. However, this can be accessed and misused by a hacker. To make it more secure, if websites exchange information with other devices over a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL, then hackers will find it extremely difficult to access the data.

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate ensures this and offers various other benefits to websites as listed below:

1. Ensures the safety of site data

Most site owners try to buy a web hosting service that ensures maximum server security and use the latest tools/applications to keep their sites secure. However, they tend to forget about the security of data in transit. If the site is collecting sensitive user information like personally identifiable information or financial details, then this becomes a crucial aspect. When an SSL certificate is installed, an encrypted channel is created every time a user interacts with the website. This boosts the safety of site data and is particularly beneficial to business websites.

2. A Visible sign of security for online users

When you install an SSL certificate on your site, the URL changes from “http://” to “https://”.  Hence, an online user knows that your site is using SSL security, and all communication with your site is via an encrypted channel. Hence, he feels more secure and shares his information with you without any immediate security concerns.

3. Improves SEO

Search engines are the largest drivers of online traffic today. Since most people look for products and services online, they use search engines to find what they want to buy. Search engines offer results in pages with the best websites (pertaining to the question) present on the first page of search engine results. Hence, for a website to succeed, having a good SEO score is important. With an SSL certificate, most search engines will rank you higher than those without SSL. Thus, installing an SSL certificate on your site can help you improve the SEO score.

Still not convinced if you need an SSL certificate? Check out the following video for more reasons:

Summing Up

We understand that site management can be a time-consuming process. Designing and developing the site, creating content regularly, troubleshooting technical glitches pertaining to web hosting, etc., can leave you with little or no time to promote and market your site. Despite all efforts, a single security breach can tarnish the brand image and lead to a drop in the SEO rank of the page. With an SSL certificate for your website, you ensure that the communication between the server and the end-user is encrypted, making it more secure. Hence, start looking for a provider who offers an SSL Certificate in India and get it installed today!

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